Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Painted Loos

One of the tasks on our current project list
(see it here)
was to paint both bathrooms.
Big K got on it right after the new year.

This is the Master bathroom.
It's too much white for us,
between the cabinets, closet doors,
 tile and the walls. 
There is no window in the space,
which prompted us to choose something fairly neutral.
Eventually, both of the loos will get a makeover,
but for now,
we just decided to paint.

The plan for the renovation is 
to remove the shower/tub combo
and put in a  tiled walk-in shower.
Neither of us care for the fiberglass tub surrounds
that we currently have.
The vanity seen here will become two separate vanities
with some sort of stacked storage cabinet in the middle.
We'd also like to add a window,
or open up the wall into the next room
to let some natural light in.
The door you see here actually leads to what we call
"the spa room".
It's a funky little space with two beautiful windows,
a jetted tub, and not much practicality. 
It'll be fun to make that a more functional space.

Ah yes, the throne.

The color is very soft, but not too dark in this windowless room.

It makes it feel more finished,
even though we may end up changing the color
once the renovation is done.
The tile will be changed out for sure,
so that the room will have an entirely different vibe.

Here's C's bathroom,
also known as the guest bath.
We have plans to redo this room as well,
but for now, it got the same color treatment.
It's a start.

The outhouse pictures will stay, of course.
Every room needs a bit of whimsy,
don't you think?

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Happy Birthday, Dr. King

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is,
'What are you doing for others'?"
~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Garden Friday

Last week was a bit brutal.
Temperatures every night were in the teens,
and although we were cozy in our heated nest,
the garden had to tough it out.
I covered as best I could with sheets
and overturned pots.

Earlier this week, it warmed up considerably,
so everything was uncovered to let the sun shine in.
There were really no expectations,
not being too familiar with growing during these type of winter conditions.
Here is what I found after the unveiling.

The carrots couldn't have cared less about the frigid temperatures.
They looked just the same as when they were first covered.

The Vates kale looked pretty good,
although the sun seemed a welcome sight.
The Dino kale didn't look quite as perky,
but it may still bounce back just fine.

The broccoli looks weathered, 
but I have a feeling it was more due to thirst than cold.
I had neglected to water everything before the freeze hit.

Here's our bucket-o-leeks doing fine and dandy.

And, amazingly,the shallots seemed untouched by the bitter weather.

The Brussels Sprouts weren't standing quite as tall as they should be,
but with some adequate sunshine and a good, long drink,
they may be able to continue to produce.

Several broccoli seedlings didn't seem to know what hit them.
I'll keep an eye on them and see if they recover.

The biggest disappointment was the beets.
The tops looked damaged beyond repair,
but since these are root veggies,
they may be perfectly fine under the soil.

One more check on the parsley (planted in the ground)
left me dumbfounded!
It appears there is absolutely no freeze damage at all!
That's one hearty herb!

This week has been a welcome respite from the extreme cold.
We've had more sunny days than not,
and the garden will surely eat it up!
We may be back to some colder days in the coming week,
so I will make sure to give everything a good watering
before they go undercover again to wait out the cold.

How is your winter garden faring?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ice Luminaries

I don't know about you,
but we had some frigid temperatures last week.
In fact, it didn't get up past freezing for over a week.
After leaving the Christmas tree (in the stand)
outside on the deck,
it was impossible to remove.
After the sun had been out a while,
I tried again and found this:

We took the bitter cold in stride by mostly staying home
and enjoying the cozy fireplace. 

Embracing the season,
we made ice luminaries.

We repurposed two cans of different sizes
and placed the smaller into the larger.
Then we filled the space between them with water. 
You could also add berries, birdseed, or leaves
to the water to make them more decorative.

To keep the inner cans from floating,
we weighed them down with bricks.
These were left on the front porch overnight,
as we knew temperatures were set to fall below 32 degrees.

The next day when we checked on the cans,
sure enough, the water had frozen solid!

To remove the outer can,
we simply ran some water on the outside.
It slipped right out.
To loosen the inner can,
we just added water to the inside of the can.
Because we used a larger can with ribbing,
this transferred onto our luminary.

We loved the way they turned out!
Adding a votive or tea light candle made them sparkle.

You could also use the battery-operated tea lights.

Depending on where you live,
you could line your pathways with these sweet things
and savor them all winter.
What a fun science project for kids!
Our cold snap has come and gone,
so ours have long since melted.
But you can be sure if it returns,
we'll be fashioning a few more of these to enjoy!